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About Me

Hey, I'm Tony, a UX designer based in Austin, Texas. Originally from Seattle, I studied mechanical engineering at Notre Dame and spent time in Atlanta before finding my groove in Austin.

I'm all about problem-solving through design, digging deep for insights that lead to exceptional user experiences. But beyond pixels, my passion lies in connecting with users and teammates. I believe understanding people is the key to great design. 

Beyond UX design, I'm all about helping everyone be their best selves and geeking out on human psychology. When I'm not in design mode, you can catch me on a rock climbing wall or looking through a camera lens. I especially love photography that captures authentic and candid moments of every day life. 

I'm a creative problem-solver, and I love infusing my work with a sense of adventure. I'm always down for a collab so let's grab coffee, chat about AI, or schedule a photography session in Austin. Let's create something awesome together!

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