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About Me

Hey there! I'm Tony, your friendly and passionate UX designer based in Austin, Texas. Originally from Seattle, I studied mechanical engineering at Notre Dame and had a stint in Atlanta before finding my vibe in the vibrant city of Austin.

I really enjoy problem solving and meaningful conversations. I absolutely love using design as a powerful tool to tackle challenges and find innovative solutions. I'm more of a problem-solving designer than an artist, and I thrive on digging deep to uncover insights that lead to remarkable user experiences.

But hey, there's more to me than just UX design! I'm a firm believer in helping everyone be their best selves, and I'm always interested in better understanding human psychology. When I'm not wearing my design hat, you'll find me exploring a wide range of hobbies. From rock climbing and running to biking and fixing broken watches, I'm always up for an adventure. I also enjoy woodworking, composing music for string quartets, and capturing life's precious moments through my photography (many of my photos are centered on my pup, Einstein).

I'm a creative problem-solver and I loves infusing my work with a sense of adventure. I'm always down for a collab so let's grab a coffee, chat about design, or brainstorm while we paddleboard in Austin. Let's create something awesome together!

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